Urban Monkey Shark Tank India Listed.

About urban Monkey shark tank

Urban monkey is a dreamer, They are believers, They are hustlers, They are change-makers and they are game-changers

Urban monkey sells a combination of great quality products, unique designs and a whole lot of Community. They are focused on the progression of fashion by Cultivating the Underground Street Culture of India.

Urban monkey aim to achieve

Aim to achieve this by providing a platform where Alternate Artists and Athletes can co-exist. Their designs are visual Inspirations, representing the Underground Street Culture of India.

Shark tank takes pride in being an all-vegetarian brand, meaning no animals are harmed or used in the production.

All products are rigorously tested before they release and no comprises are made in quality. Urban Monkey’s shark tank aim: B-boying, hip-hop music 2019.

Beatboxing, hip hop beats, hip hop raps, rap battle, rap songs, skateboarding, stunts, riding, hip hop hub, etc.

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