Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Business.

We gonna talk a little bit about lifestyle considerations before you take that next jump into starting your business venture.

What we’ll start with is timing. You’re not gonna find the perfect time in which to start your business. Yeah, that’s true. But something you might wanna consider is major life events that might be happening now or in the future, like, say you are having a baby or expecting a baby.

Might wanna wait until that’s a little bit more handled to get the business going because the extra stressor might be a little bit much, so the timing’s everything. Yeah, just gotta find the right time and limit the bad times that may come up in the future. Expect those, but plan around those.

At this point, are you mentally ready to be self-employed, or to run your own business?

Do a little bit of a personal checklist, a personal questionnaire about your personality. What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? Yeah, there’s stuff that a lot of business owners do well, that maybe you don’t do initially very well, but those traits can be developed down the road. You don’t have to have everything perfectly organized, but it’s good to start doing that personal inventory to see where you’re at mentally.

Consider if you’re financially ready to be self-employed, mentally ready to handle the challenges that’ll be coming your way. If you have a low-risk tolerance, maintain that day job. You can continue to count on that biweekly check, the health insurance that will keep you afloat and make you feel okay. Yeah, some people start as a side hustle ’cause they need that security, others have a little better risk tolerance and they’re cool to just jump in.

A lot of times we see you don’t get to see any of the profits for a couple of years, so is that something you’re ready for? You figure that out yourself. And do you have a great support system around you that believes in you as much as you believe in your product, your service, whatever your idea maybe? Yeah, you be honest with yourself, and are the people around you going to be able to help you and assist you? How is what you’re doing at starting this business gonna affect them is something to consider for sure.

So these are just a few things to consider. Nothing that’s a roadblock, just an area of opportunity within your journey for your goals.


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