How To Take Screenshot on Laptop or PC with Windows.

In this post we’re going to see how to take screenshot on laptop or pc with windows

let’s say you want to capture your screen on your computer and save it as an image to take a screenshot press windows shift plus s on your keyboard then you will get a toolbar on the top you can use options to take a screenshot to use this drag the most where you want to capture it

screenshot is taken now click on it you can draw on your screenshot using options now to save the screenshot Save now if we open it you can see the screenshot we’ve captured

Now let’s see how you can capture an entire web page as a screenshot

to do that we need to install an extension on our computer so just here you will find two links if you’re using the firefox browser you can click this link and install it if you’re using the chrome browser you can use this link

Now click add to chrome then click add and it will be installed now go to this page click the extension then select the option as you can see the entire webpage has been captured now

click save and the screenshot will be downloaded to your computer so that’s it guys this is how you can take a screenshot on your windows pc or laptop.

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