5 Most Important Skills in SEO.

5 Most important skills in SEO. SEO shifted from being a technical discipline 10 years ago to being a multidisciplinary area that involves a few different skills. And if I had to tell you all the skills that SEO involves, this video could become too long and overwhelming. I’m going to go through the foundational skills anyone who works with SEO should master. Without these five skills, you’re not going to do as well as an SEO.

The first skill I have for you is creativity. Most Important Skills in SEO.

See, in SEO, one of the biggest ways that you get rankings is by building backlinks. Everyone used to build backlinks by writing content. And when they were doing that, I started creating a detailed guide that had visual graphical images, kind of like an infographic, and my content started generating more backlinks than other people. Other people started doing the same. Then I started doing data-rich posts. Then people started doing that. And then I’m like, wait, with content, you got to keep updating.

Write content, but there must be a better way to get backlinks.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write content, but there must be a better way to get backlinks. And there were free tools. If you look on neilpatel.com, I have Ubersuggest, which is an SEO tool that’s mainly for free and has over 10,000 backlinks. I have A/B Testing Calculator, I have a backlink tool that just tells you how many backlinks you have. I continually release tools and update my tools. And by doing that, I’m generating more SEO traffic and ranking higher because I’m not going out there and fending for the links.

Just releasing a tool for free has done well for me. And if you can’t build a tool as I did, you can just go to sites like CodeCanyon, download a tool, pay a little bit of money, and release that tool on your website. But that’s an example of creativity. It’s thinking outside the box and you should start leveraging your creativity muscles and start thinking outside the box.

The second skill that you need is understanding analytics.

I’m not talking about reading a report. There’s Google Analytics, there’s Google Data Studio, but when you look at the report and you’re like, oh my search traffic’s going down or it’s going up, do you understand what’s driving you more conversions? What keywords, and what changes do you need to make to get better results? That’s what I mean by analytic skills, right? So when you look at these reports, what changes do you need to make to your SEO strategy so you can get the results you’re looking for?

The third skill that you need to understand is CRO.

That’s Conversion Rate Optimization. You’re probably like, “Neil, CRO has nothing to do with SEO.” Well, think of it this way. You’re writing a lot of content when you do SEO, right? Content marketing, you need that to get backlinks and traffic on Google, Google, a lot of it, is based on text and words people are typing in. And when you get this traffic to this content, you’ll find out as an SEO well, I’m getting all this traffic. But then when you talk to other people in the company like, yeah, you’re getting more traffic, but we’re not seeing any more sales, any more leads.

So how can you convert those visitors into customers? So with those blog posts, you need to mix in links that generate sales or forms that capture more leads. In essence, you need to learn CRO to some extent. You don’t need to be an expert on it, but you need to learn it to some extent. So for example, if my site was selling kitchen appliances, I may do an article like Top 10 Toaster Ovens. And I could link in the article to some of the toaster ovens that we sell to generate sales. That’s an example of CRO.

The fourth skill that you need to have is people skills.

See, SEO is turning into a multi-person organization, and it has for a long time. So you got to work with other people. You got to work with people who can promote the content, whether it’s on social media or whether it’s doing manual outreach and asking for people to share that content. Then you need to deal with people who can write content, who can create social media content, and people who can deal with copywriting, just for headlines.

U need to deal with people who can deal specifically with making those technical changes to a code and implementing, and getting them released, right? These are all examples of people that you have to deal with that are working on SEO. And if you don’t know how to manage, and work with project management solutions, whether it’s Asana or the Trellos of the world, you’re not going to be efficient as a team and get the results that you’re looking for.

The last skill that you need to learn is experimentation.

Look, did you know that Google roughly makes nine algorithm changes per day? That was data from a few years ago, they haven’t released any new data points on how many algorithm changes they’re doing per year. But when you look at it, they’re making almost 10 plus algorithm changes a day.

How do you keep up with that? Well, you got to test. I don’t always know the right answer. You’re not going to always know the right answer. You got to test. From testing your title text to meta text to see what gets the most clicks to testing an SEO strategy on a split page to see if it increases your rankings or tanks it to testing things like crosslinking to updating content to testing on adding videos within your content to see if you can increase time on site.

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